The Wages of Sin Taxes

Let’s talk about so-called sin taxes. First of all, is what is being taxed a sin? What is a sin? For religious folks, sinning means going against God’s will. But sin, an old English archery term, actually means missing the target. I can understand trying to be the best person you can be, but right now being overweight seems a national concern. Is overeating also a sin? If so, shouldn’t there be a sin tax levied on food? I’m very confused.

Sin taxes are those taxes placed on items like tobacco and alcohol beverages to supposedly reduce their consumption. I wonder if anyone has ran a survey to see if sin taxes have actually reduced sin.

In Detroit, the poorest city in the U.S. and Cleveland, the second poorest city, so-called sin taxes are used to support building and maintaining of sports stadiums. This might seem a good idea because, after all, every kid in those cities would love to see a ballgame. Get them outdoors and into the sun. Watch their favorite sports hero play the national sport. Dads and kids and baseball–that would be wonderful—a sin tax supporting and helping kid.

But, and this is a BIG BUT, a ticket to watch a sporting event in these two of the poorest cities on the U.S., on average, costs over $400 dollars a seat.

Can any dad, except the richest dad, come up with $1200 for a day of fun in the sun at a ballpark? So where does all this so-called sin tax money go? According to a very recent Newsweek article, tt surely isn’t being added to Cleveland or Detroit’s tax revenue coffers. Nope. It seems that the wages of so-called sin in these cities are sinfully being added to the coffers of the disgustingly rotten rich.

Religious folks, aren’t the poor supposed to inherit the earth? Doesn’t it say in the Bible that it’s very unlikely a rich man will ever enter heaven? Aren’t gluttony and avarice also sins? Is there a tax on screwing the poor? Don’t the rich get enough tax breaks? Why should a person who likes wine pay sin-taxes so the rich and get even richer. I like a glass of wine with my dinner, am I a sinner?

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